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The Two Brothers Tranlated by Katharine Prescott Wormeley

By: Honoré de Balzac

...er, especially on the latter’s worst side; and 7 Balzac the doctor at his best was far from satisfactory, either mor- ally or physically. The arrival... ...hich Cardinal Mazarin presented to the city of Paris, and which the French Academy was in after days to inhabit, cast chill shadows over this angle of... ...a picture such as may be 17 Balzac seen at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts; if a musician, a cantata; if an architect, the plans for a public building. At t... ...by Vernet; Napoleon was riding rapidly, attended by his escort. Agathe had bestowed upon herself two large birdcages; one filled with canaries, the ot... ...e child might be liable to water on the brain. His distressful face, whose originality was thought ugliness by those who had no eye for the moral valu... ...interpreted by his practical nature, carried away his last scruples on the score of morality. For such be- ings, there are but two ways of existence. ... ...ur men, finding fault with the food and compelling the poor widows, on the score of his payments, to spend much money on their table, had not yet paid... ... things; he loved the poetry of Lord Byron, the painting of Gericault, the music of Rossini, the novels of Walter Scott. “Every one to his taste, mama... ... of a Rubens which had been ordered by Elie Magus, the picture-dealer. The original be- longed to a wealthy Swiss banker, who had only lent it for ten...

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