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Heroes of Unknown Seas and Savage Lands

By: J. W. Buel

...of impending danger. Such a spectre appeared in 1664, to Captain Rogers of the British Navy. He was heading for the Hatteras Capes, but still deemed h... ...the South Africa coast, and there he and all with him beheld in the offing the British man-of-war Barracouta. So plainly visible was the vessel that s... ...the West Indies, Penn formed the bold design of conquering and annexing to the British dominions the large and valuable island of Hayti and operations... ...glish flag, for during the expedition at least they were in the service of the British government. The effort was a signal success. Jamaica was taken,... ...ition to the extent of declining to allow Mansvelt to recruit his forces from British volunteers for the proposed raid on the Spanish territory. Sore... ...board, were astounded by a series of tremendous explosions which threw burning brands far and wide, and set fire even to the rigging of their vessels....

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