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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

...f opprobrium and odium is hardly surprising, or unprecedented. Empires - Rome, the British, the Ottomans - were always targeted by the disgruntled,... ... US foreign policy. Thus, the American Empire is closer to the commercially driven British Empire than to the militarily propelled Roman one. Actu... ..., isn't America's reign merely the successor of Britain's? Wasn't it John Locke, a British philosopher, who said that expansion - a "natural right"... ...nocents in the process. More than 100,000 civilians died in Iraq since the American-British led "liberation". Yet, as New-York and Madrid and London... ...with these developments in Europe and North America and began to espouse their own brands of jingoistic patriotisms. Attempts to impose liberal-dem... ...lationships. This was also manifested during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. British intelligence and part of the Pakistani intelligence comm...

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