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The Labor Divide

By: Sam Vaknin

...the Employment Bureau. This is much like the very successful American and British schemes of “Welfare to Work”. I recommend linking the size of i... ...enerally accepted in most industrial countries after the war. In 1944 the British government stated in its White Paper on Employment Policy that "th... ...nd stable level of employment after the war." One of the most influential British economists at this time was Sir William Beveridge, whose book Full... ...hasing power." The Employment Act was less specific as to policy than the British government's White Paper, but it established a council of economic... ...in 1944 the Social Democrats published a document somewhat similar to the British White Paper, and other such declarations were made in Canada and A... ...nd imported within a rising tide of international trade, as international brands develop – the biggest restructuring of labour markets is taking pla...

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