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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

...ative offerings vying for the consumer's time and attention, beyond just competing brands. To fabricate what may be a farfetched illustration, Gene... ...epts: In the marketing context, it is very difficult to define the attributes of brands that give rise to differences in the worth of those brands... ...on trialability and then segmenting the market on the basis of fear appeals. (Some British "Think Before You Drink Before You Drive" commercials pull... ...product positioning involves the following: a) Determining just what the competing brands are. They could be other brands of the same class, or they... ...he new product. create favorable association. and encourage "switching" from other brands of manpower sources. Copy strategy is to emphasize freedom... ...switching"? Attitude ( or habit) change occurs in individuals whether they change brands, quantities purchased, preconceived ideas, or voting prefer... ... Ill. : Free Press. Pol1ay, Richard W. 1968. " A Model of Family Decision Making." British Journal of Marketirzg 33, 206-16. Pool, Ithiel De Sola, ...

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