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An Apostate: Nawin of Thais

By: Steven David Justin Sills

... make him. This was his enlightened thought in a partially refreshed brain granted by a nocturnal sleep which had also slugged him with a headache, ma... ... respites, it would have "toughened [him] up" (meaning that if he had been granted nothing apart from the worst memories of his former family, he woul... ...an understanding of what boys could not say in words. So like a blossoming bud she had opened her arms to him and let him fall into the petals of her ... ... been buried in sleep, reassembled his parts and spoken to him? He had not granted him permission to do so. It was merely this one's part to transport... ...poken them he would have been truthful. His brief time under a scholarship grant had been more of sexual rendezvous than anything more substantive. It... ...leaving him defenseless against his good looks. "Painting." "Painting?" "A grant.... It was a grant from your country--a cultural exchange with accomp...

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