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The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

By: Jonathan Cross

...ou like spending the night at my apartment?” he asked. “I don’t think your house is safe. Granted, it’s not the Ritz, but you’ll be safe.” Susan tr... ...It contained four names, and yours was one of them. It said that whatever you ask I am to grant. This Family is now called the Bruzzi Family because... ...y. - J.Cross/Stone 208 “I understand you’re involved in brain research.” “Until my grant runs out, which may be any day now,” he grumbled. N... ...accomplished it?” “Yes I have in numerous experiments. I was just about to write another grant detailing my success.” “Well don’t. From now on yo... ... Nolan nodded without any reaction. “Well thank you again Doctor for your time. Send your grant proposal to me, and I’ll make sure it will be funded ...

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