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Love at First Stake

By: J. Morgan

...uffled giggles and probing looks. “Savy!” I recognized the voice of my best bud, Marci, and growled under my breath. I loved her like a sister, but... ... him? I’d never believed in love at first sight. That was the stuff of Hugh Grant movies. Love at First Stake 47 Real people didn’t go ga-ga a... ...linked my eyes open, shocked to see the fires burning within Donnie’s stare. Granted, I’m not the most experienced person you could find when it com... ...through the sheer lace of my bra. His teeth gently raked across the swollen bud, sending my voice singing into the flat night air. I heard the soun... ... as I draw breath, no man, be he human or Vampire, will have you.” “Donnie, granted we’re about to smack death upside the head in a few minutes, but...

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