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The Religious Dimension

By: Donald Broadribb

...ustralia decided that it would determine whether an organization should be granted legal status as a religious group on the basis of whether it taught... ...ing rituals, and a belief system which may be explicit or simply taken for granted. Prime examples of these are the traditional American Indian and Au... ...d of its times, when male domination was even more prevalent and taken for granted than now. Very little allowance was made for women and, according t... ...ative town his aunt and foster mother, Mahaprajapati, thrice begged him to grant this privilege to women but was thrice refused and went away in tears... ...200. BUDDHISM 45 tices is highly questionable. Generally the view held by Bud- dhists who value yoga as a religious practice, is that since true enli... ...ring “psychic” powers. Such a belief reflects the amalgamation of original Bud- dhist tradition with popular acknowledgment that the actual ex- perien... ...mpt has been made to consider the many divergent schools of thought within Bud- dhism. However, I do not wish to finish this discussion without some r... ...to be said about the logic or the lack of logic in the Buddhist claim. For Bud- dhism this does not matter, because it is the experience of libera- ti... ...this previous life is the basis on which our present life begins. Not only Bud- dhists and Hindus hold to this, but a great many Christians as well (t...

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