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Signature for Sunshine

By: Christine Jones

...ear old lungs felt like lead weights as Chris plonked herself down on the bus stop bench and stretched out her legs in an unladylike manner. Taking ... ...manner. Taking a deep breath, Chris stood to watch the rickety old school bus draw near, packed with boisterous kids screaming obscenities from the ... ...posture reflected her intensions, as did the angry glint in her eyes. The bus off-loaded a dozen or more students, who moved back in an un-orderly f... ... did not share the same ideals in regards to femininity. Stepping off the bus, without so much as a hello, Kelly continued down the footpath rolling ... ...a watched her mother grasp Mitchell by the arm and haul him back onto the bus, which by this time had many vacant seats. Mr. Jago, the bus driver, t... ...imbed onto another’s shoulders and peering through the back window of the bus, looked straight into Christine O’Keith’s wrath. The woman thumped at ... ... his rear vision mirror at Jackson and his mates, whom now sat silent. The bus driver shook his head whilst mumbling something under his breath perta... ..., she got her nose right out of joint and contacted Chris. She even got a bus down from Sydney to Melbourne… I think it was Sydney, anyway, she came... ...are moment she got, whether it was in the bath, shopping, waiting for the bus or taking Julian to play group. Carrying a little gold pen around with...

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