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Class Heroes: A Class Apart

By: Stephen Henning

...ppening. The text flowed across the screen of her phone. Breaking News – School Bus Bombing – Were Twins Targeted? Fears that teenage twins were t... ...hanging out with Sam. You’re together in classes, in the playground, and on the bus. And you’re wearing that top.” The top that Philip was referrin... ...e football pitch. And that was just by his own team. James looked back down the bus to see Emma Venton kneeling on the back seat, with Anika Ali si... ...te. Emma knew this and played on it. She caught James’s eye from the back of the bus. She’d seen his slight movement before Mr Stark had stood up be... ...heir day, and that she was preparing chicken pie for dinner. Sam looked down the bus at James. He was looking back at her. They’d received the same ... ...ore attention.” “Shut your face!” came another voice from somewhere else on the bus. A hundred conversations seemed to be reaching Sam’s ears all ... ... saw James Blake, a likeable, polite and decent lad, marching to the back of the bus. The teachers would have their hands full now. He hoped his ow... ...ht sight of his sister screaming out in pain, pinned to the upturned roof of the bus, one of her legs twisted at a horrible angle. He was conscious ... ... sound of another explosion which this time seemed to come from the back of the bus. It was deafeningly loud, and already it had become impossible ...

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