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Bozo and the Storyteller

By: Matt Jones

...narrative like a collective dream. The Hoomans believe the weather to be a matter of chance, a science of equations and circumstance with the odds he... ...ry in the hope of jogging someone’s memory. Theo’s photo could be seen at bus stops and train stations across the country, accompanied by the words ... ...e bed and Theo scooped up the blankets from the f oor and dived on to the mattress. At the same moment Sandra entered the room with a candle in her ... ... Theo, he said to himself. You may have amnesia but you’re not crazy – no matter what the doctors think. He breathed a sigh of relief. It was good t... ...an’t tell you anything at all,’ Bozo sniffed. ‘I was almost run over by a bus and all you can say is “scoundrel”.’ ‘I’m sorry. I’m just dying to know... ...tons on their coats, pulled up their hoods and hurried off in search of a bus or underground train to take them home. Theo had no home to go to, ho...

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