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And Gulliver Returns Book VI : Our Psychological Motivations

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...ther and homemaker may actually be doing it out of a power motivation. If she is perfect how can she be faulted? I remember one of my cases in Califo... ...bombs to enhance the power of the tribal or national leader—‗power over‘ seems to be borne in our genes.‖ —―Lee, spoken like a true Califo... ...olent gangs, bullies often band together. More than one in four students report being bullied in a year. Sometimes they are even killed, as a Califo... ...elt. After all, we all expect the clergy to be saintly, but in business we expect some crooks, and of course in Lee‘s profession we expect all lawyer... ...ng it into a lake. Her defense was that she had been repeatedly raped as a child by her stepfather. The effects of these rapes was held by the lawyer... ...in school.‖ —―Like we say, when you find yourself in a deep hole, stop digging. But back to your Supreme Court. I thought that your lawyer... ... politically correct and afraid to hurt anyone‘s feelings. Maybe you‘re afraid to be sued for defamation of character. I don‘t know. But your lawyer... ...urn‘s rings. And one of the big ones was returning to earth, seeing the Rockies, Baja, and the Pacific. Then another was the touch down on the Califo...

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