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Surviving the Economic Crisis : Current and Future Trends

By: Mark W. Medley

...m effects of the “Green Economy” 55 4. Is Bartering a Way Out For Cash Strapped Communities? 57 5. Saving Homeown... ...ese use two brush strokes to write the word 'crisis'. One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the da... ... the luxuries exported to the 'rich' West. The New Deal in 1929, created jobs for people who lived and worked in Industry, not Banking, Brokering, I... ...ool of empty properties, in Towns and villages that lost over 20-50% of their population. Property values plummeted and never recovered, leading ... ...d Central Germany today, you see "rust belts", emptying Villages, states were populations have decreased by over 30%, and real long term unemploymen... ...ent levels of over 8 million. 4 By 2030, experts believe the population of Germany could decrease by 20 million, as Germans have lo... ...middle class Germans were embarrassed lining up at Soup Kitchens in Financial Centers like Frankfurt and Munich. Well dressed, somber and hungry, a ... ... The economies of China, India and the Philippines were expanding outsourcing centers, before the October 2008 Crash. And many of the Companies that ... ...ting huge increases in business, since 2008. 53 9. Training Centers and Courses Whether it is online or offline a new generation...

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