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The Natural State, In the Words of U.G. Krishnamurti

By: U.G. Krishnamurti, Edited by Peter Maverick

... decided to publish his words—this is my eighth book based on him. Hoping for many more to come... So enjoy your private moments with U.G., as I d... ...private moments with U.G., as I did, reading this book. Thank you Peter for serving this fruit to the readers minus the peel and pips. Sunita Pa... .... It's outside of ways altogether. If you shock easily, this may not be for you. Yet there is love here too, though U.G. would never use the word ... ...try of your body. The senses are operating now without any coordinator or center, that's all I can say. Unless that alchemy or change in the whole c... ...ed things. But something is linking them up—what you call the self or the center, which is illusory. I can say it is illusory because it is only the... ...ow only what is good for you. That's all you are interested in. Everything centers around that; all your art and reason centers around that. I am not... ...g us all these problems. What I am saying is not what the mainstream of population is interested in. They hear what they want to hear. What I say ... ...beings and nothing more. It is something like saying that in the field of economics you are not controlled by the laws of supply and demand. But we a... ... away with everything for centuries while society ignored women. Half the population of this planet was neglected, humiliated and treated as doormats...

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