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The Mystery of Jamieson Stone

By: Jonathan Cross

... - J.Cross/Stone 2 THE MYSTERY OF JAMIESON STONE A Novel by Jonathan Cross - J.Cro... ....Cross/Stone 2 THE MYSTERY OF JAMIESON STONE A Novel by Jonathan Cross - J.Cross/Stone ... ...ts focused on where Jamieson Stone would do his nightly news; the same seat he had sat in for more than twenty years. Jane Simmons, the head assist... ...r like a general. “Let’s go people! Twenty minutes to airtime.” Simmons had been with WNN for almost ten years. Her demeanor was always dour and abr... ...e damn teleprompter?” “Almost ready,” he said, not wanting to garner her wrath. - J.Cross/Stone 4 “Let’s get with it, boy,” she thundered, an... ... just stared at the phone, never picking it up until it went through the voice-messaging center. He screened every call in the same manner, most of ... ...eception counter that was at least forty feet long with a sole receptionist seated in the center that was handling the phones in a staccato fashion.... ...litary that we needed a missile shield. After that, he became a professor, of all things, Economics, at Harvard. The CIA believed his new chosen pro... ...ussians and Chinese? China, perhaps, he could understand, getting rid of a third of their population made some kind of perverted sense. But to the R...

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