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Kabbalah for the Student

By: Rav Michael Laitman

...han abstract names, as they are completely and from the outset, devoid of elements that are imagined. But that is not the case. On the contrary, Kabb... ...ween them, but only a different degree, perceived in the substance of the elements of reality in each world. The substance of the elements of realit... ...t world, is purer than in all the ones below it. And the substance of the elements of reality in the second world is coarser than in that of the fir... ... continues similarly down to this world before us, whose substance of the elements in reality is coarser and darker than in all the worlds preceding ... ...d darker than in all the worlds preceding it. However, the shapes and the elements of reality and all their occurrences come unchanged and equal in ... ...ce” in it, though we are not yet able to tell these forces apart, as with chemical elements. Perhaps in the future they will be discovered in their ... ...be discovered in their pure form, as we have only recently discovered the chemical elements. EqUAl f or CE in SpiriTUAl And phy SiCAl In a word: all ... ...hilled; the cold can be heated; the solid can be turned to liquid through chemical operations, and the liquid into air, meaning only gas, where any ... ...scopic atoms in the smallest elements of any essence, separated through a chemical process, they, too, are merely abstract forms that appear that wa...

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