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Tokyo to Tijuana: Gabriele Departing America

By: Steven David Justin Sills

...f mortality could be eased. In the face of challenges from other ideologies, Christians protected their God and religion with defensive armament of an... ...imed as infallible, the Buddhist and the Moslem were threats for an American Christian no less than the witch. She wondered why she did not hate relig... ...d a child, she thought, she or he would not be allowed to be subject to this Christianity, which had the plagiarism of Ancient Egyptian Literature, th... ...ed to bully all nations and befriend Israel beyond human decency to keep the Christian constituents, brethren of Israel, happy. Its political engagem... ...ective contemplation of past mistakes. She put away her book, Why I am not a Christian, by Bertrand Russell. The book needed to be perused deeply but... ... conceptualize her as "the dinosaur" or "Reclasaur," demeaning second grader terminology, there was a subtle smile on her countenance (feigned or not)...

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