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Laws of Destiny Never Disappear : Culture of Thailand in the Postlocal World

By: Matti Sarmela

...e individual need not adhere to the norms of morality that existed in the Christian villages of the past or in the Buddhist communities of this book.... ... their old places. The village is also unusual in that it contains a small Christian parish with its own church, and the new village chief, elected in... ...h with its own church, and the new village chief, elected in 1998, is also Christian. From the Chiang Rai highway, before the north-eastern mountain f... ...ore. In Thailand, too, villagers have wanted to be self-sufficient. In the terminology of national economy, the village has produced and consumed toge... ...d a house for his family within his in-laws’ compound. In anthropological terminology, this type of residence is uxorilocal (matrilocal). According t... ... or sisters older or younger than themselves, and in the same way, kinship terminology also discloses whether e.g. the mother's or father's brother is... ...responding age-ranking distinctions have also been used in Finnish kinship terminology. Informants of this book also always define whether they are ta... ...l and a teacher training college. The city's Chinese community, as well as Christian missionary organizations, have their own private schools. (24 The... ...0s it gradually became standard procedure that everyone intending to enter Christian marriage should attend so-called confirmation school, to become p...

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