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The First Part of Henry the Fourth. Edited by Frederic W. Moorman

By: William Shakespeare

...eport: 56 On Holy- roode day, the gallant Hotspurre there, 57 Young Harry Percy, and braue Archibald, 58 That euer- valiant and a... ...4 But let him from my thoughts. What thinke you Coze 95 Of this young Percies pride? The Prisoners 96 Which he in this aduenture hat... ... Falst. Yfaith, my Lord, they are false: Nay, Ile tickle 1402 ye for a young Prince. 1403 Prin. Swearest thou, vngracious Boy? henceforth ... ...51 For I was trayn’d vp in the English Court; 1652 Where, being but young, I framed to the Harpe 1653 Many an English Dittie, louely well, ... ...st Part of Henry the Fourth Shakespeare: First Folio 1852 Which by thy younger Brother is supply’de; 1853 And art almost an alien to the heart... ...ut 3105 if I be not Iacke Falstaffe, then am I a Iacke: There is Per-cy, 3106 if your Father will do me any Honor, so: if not, let him 3107...

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