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The Soul Bearer

By: Jonathan Cross

...elow the surface of the river, his thoughts strayed to a time when he was very young and sat on this same ancient rock with his grandfather. "The w... ...and, but knew it must be important or his grandfa­ ther would not have told him. Young Seattle forgot nothing and ifhe did he would be reminded in hi... ...ed and said softly, "When it is time, the Great Spirit will reveal it". Though young Sealt did not understand the sacred web of life, he was told o... ...ther were still alive to soothe his mind, as he had done so often when he was a young boy. He could still hear his grandfather's voice, "Always ques... ...ld still hear his grandfather's voice, "Always questions, never answers, eh, my young brave." 'Richard's grandfather was only one-quarter Suquamish ... ...eads almost any­ where in the world? I have resources, my friend, and contingen­ cy plans for all occasions," Pierce said, trying not to brag, but co...

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