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Voices from the Past

By: Paul Alexander Bartlett

...who had joked and sported and sung ribald songs, as the popular friend of young men who were proud, rich, playful and naive? Here was someone speaki... ...w he would not need to shut his eyes. And his arms, hands, fin- gers—once young and sure—what could they remember? I could not keep back tears, tea... ... the pages of my journal, I am alarmed by the passage of time. When I was young, I thought time was a philanthropist. I remember so well that day ma... ...lost count,” were the words re- peated to me. Why do we wish to be older, younger, always in protest? Why are we never satisfied? I wish there were... ...s, Kleis and I have sailed, our boat a good fishing boat, cap- tained by a young man named Phaon. It was our first excursion around the whole island,... ...ng. We often walked around the lake and through the pollarded garden, its cy- presses like stone columns: we walked the moors until Christmas cold se...

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