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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

...from: Lidija Rangelovska – write to: palma@unet.com.mk Visit the Author Archive of Dr. Sam Vaknin in "Central Europe Review": http://www.ce-revi... ...com http://samvak.tripod.com/after.html Created by: LIDIJA RANGELOVSKA REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA C O N T E N T S I. The Author II. About "After... ...e Author II. About "After the Rain" Containing the United States I. The Roots of Anti-Americanism II. Containing the United States III. Islam... ...ilable contradictions inherent in capitalism. The United States is impelled by its economy and values to world dominion, claimed last week an analy... ...t the shoddy workmanship. The article clearly identifies America's (capitalistic) economy and its (liberal, pluralistic, religious and democratic)... ...y and of the role of the United States - the prime specimen of capitalism - in it. Economy, admits the author, plays only one part in America's asc... ...state-owned enterprises. Iran and Iraq cut subsidies. Almost everyone - especially Lebanon, Egypt, Iran and Jordan - increased their unhealthy rel... ...ncorporating the European Union, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Turkey. Libya has ... ... oil. It recently signed nine free trade or customs agreements with, among others, Lebanon, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates as well as with Syri...

The antecedents and aftermath of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and the role of the United States in international affairs.

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