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The World Factbook: 1987

By: Central Intelligence Agency

...stan questions with Pakistan; periodic disputes with Iran over Helmand water rights Climate: arid to semiarid; cold winters and hot summers Terrain: m... ...Mestico, 1% European Religion: 68% Roman Catholic, 20% Protestant, about 12% indigenous beliefs Language: Portuguese (official); various Bantu dialect... ...Fon, Adja, Yoruba, Bariba); 5,500 Europeans Benin (continued) Religion: 70% indigenous beliefs, 15% Muslim, 15% Christian Language: French (official)... ...); adjective Bhutanese Ethnic divisions: 60% Bhote, 25% ethnic Nepalese, 15% indigenous or migrant tribes Religion: 75% Lamaistic Buddhism, 25% Indian... ... in 1907 the monarch assumed full power no written constitu- tion or bill of rights; in 1968-69 a separate judiciary that provided for local, district... ...cama area was lost to Chile in 1884; dispute with Chile over Rio Lauca water rights Climate: varies with altitude; humid and tropical to cold and semi... ...wana; about 4% Kalanga, Basarwa, and Kgalagadi; about 1% white Religion: 50% indigenous beliefs, 50% Christian Language: English (official), Setswana ... ... 16% other Religion: 60% Muslim (official); 8% Chris- tian; 32% Buddhist and indigenous beliefs Language: Malay (official), English, and Chinese Life ... ...ma area was lost to Chile in 1884; dispute with Bolivia over Rio Lauca water rights; territorial claim in Antarctica (Chilean Antarctic Territory) Cli...

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