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A History of U. S. Communications Security (Volumes I and Ii);1973

By: David G. Boak

...-entaD money, loss 01 time, and constraints OD action. What then. is unique about communications intelligence? What does it provide that our moun· tai... ... no meBDS intended .. an indictment of the fourth estate-it is merely illustrative of why Soviet intelligence would rather have the contents of a mes­... ...that this hostile SIGINT activity bas to be selective, pick the communications entities carrying intelligence of most value or-and it's not necessaril... ...of prime interest and competence; the SIGINT community had become intensted in possibilities for gathering intelligence through TEMPEST exploitation. ... ...now, a Soviet SIGINT trawler has loitered just off-shore for many months. Are the Soviets simply gathering plain language communications, or are they ... ...ructun: cbanged over time. acnerally in response to c&an,ed requirements, priorities, and needed disciplines. Down in the noise somewhere (eEept in th...

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