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By: Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

...a matter of great importance, which was this. The King to keepe ever some intelligence in Italy, whence he had lately beene expelled, but especially... ...in they have been themselves in person: If Ambassadors, the negotiations, intelligences, practices, policies, and manner how to direct, complot, and... ...t, that men might apparently see their minds and spirits were through the intelligence of things become wonderfully rich and great. But some perceiv... ...entions of our minde: and except we communicated corporall mischiefs unto disciplines and monuments of the muses. Which losse Labienus could not end... ...death, having by the preparations he had seen the carpenters make, and by gathering of people together, conceived an opinion that they would torture ... ...this moodie feaver, after the example of some barbarous nations: The best disciplines have therewith beene tainted, it is reason, but not carried awa... ... Montaigne's Essays precept. Over-many parts are required in hoarding and gathering of goods: I have no skill in it. In spending I have some knowled... ...ollow their former idle loytring life. One of which I found not long since gathering of muskles in a common sincke for his dinner, whom (doe what I c...

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