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A Modern Utopia

By: H. G. Wells

...e pictures of coronations, royal weddings, parlia- ments, conferences, and gatherings so popular in Victorian times, in which, instead of a face, each... ... in the past due to homogeneity, to an ease in public in the future due to intelligence and good breeding, and in Utopia that transition will be com- ... ...ualitative and quantitative questions, to temper good intentions with good intelligence, and righteousness with wisdom. One of the darkest evils of ou... ...eems to lack the intellectual power to make them. The science hangs like a gathering fog in a val- ley, a fog which begins nowhere and goes nowhere, a... ...anical sort for those who were incapable of doing the things that required intelligence. Nec- essarily this employment by the State would be a relief ... ...h, while it excepts her from the severer qualifications 179 H G Wells and disciplines, brings her regimen of life into a working harmony with his.” “...

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