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Modelling of Rationality...and Beyond the Physics

By: Gh. C. Dinulescu

...ttributed to Socrates: < Man (the rational entity) is neither a body or a gathering together of soul and body; he is a mere soul>.- According to thi... ...e, that genetic engineering go as far as human cloning or that artificial intelligence become self-reproductive*. The scientific activity in the atom... ...y - is also confirmed by Kant in his famous advice: <Dare to use your own intelligence!>, and by his entire work that sets up criticism as a method ... ... and ″ontological″ as attributes of science and philosophy, respectively, disciplines between which there is an ″ontic difference″. The paradoxical ... ...that the process of setting out as sciences for the various philosophical disciplines is achieved as the latter are based on a logical criterial sys... ...hematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, astronomy, etc. were philosophical disciplines originally, some of them with a pronounced occult character. ... ... extremely restrained one, Socrates stated that: <Man is neither body nor gathering together of the soul and body (substance), he is nothing else th... ...ence validated by the divine judgement. Pg. artificial self-reproductive intelligence – non-biologic entitative extension, capable to logically rat...

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