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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...gment and Measurement Pg 1210 Human Wisdom Pg 1220 Bicycle Cards Pg 1221 Intelligence Pg 1224 Pre-History and Ancient History Pg 1266 Burial... ...dead Pg 1670 The Schizophrenia of Heaven and Hell Pg 1672 Why Undead Bird Intelligence is evil Pg 1674 Destructive Bird Culture and Modern Dest... ...tness first smashed it apart in what Science calls a ‘Big Bang’. It has been gathering itself together and organizing itself into dust clouds, star... ...us in the Universe. The Impetus of Energy coming back In had not yet started gathering enough momentum to develop any appreciable momentum or inert... ...e nature of our selective awareness, which Science mistakenly calls selective intelligence. We are not selectively intelligent. Actually we are se... ...r new Age of Information where many sources of knowledge from many different disciplines are now freely available, that I could assemble the import... ...ir focus… until it took over their social focus as well. Returning from food gathering, the social focus was no longer on the members of the band. ...

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