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The Marketing of Ideas and Social Issues

By: Seymour Fine

...Pure scientists usually experiment. Philosophers prefer inductive reasoning while physicists and mathematicians lean toward deductive methods. Medi... ... conservation.) A similar R & D procedure was followed by the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), combining general members' opinions with tho... ...for reform of juvenile jusitce system 10. Declining importance attached to present Jewish heritage 58 11. Inefficient criminal justice system ... ...e being written, the very first center for researching the contemporary market for Jewish ideas and issues is under way at Brandeis University. A n... ...ws, the impact of religious cults on young Jews and the size and complexity of the Jewish population have received widespread and persistent attenti... ...ntice-Hall. Briggs, Kenneth A. 1980. "Brandeis Plans the First Center for Study of Jewish Life in U.S." New York Times, June 26, A16. Brown, Daniel...

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