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Listen with Your Heart

By: Barbara Scott

...means I could be deported.” “That’s right,” Peter said. “According to the law, any immigrant who has raised arms against the United States governm... ... Mmmmmm,” he said. Daniel nodded his approval. “What did your mother-in-law mean when she said no signs?” Setting his mug down, Daniel leaned o... ...iel.” Lydia had not bothered to lay aside her pen to respond to her son-in-law. With it poised in midair, ink drying on its tip, she made it clear... ...ared her shoulders and tilted her chin defiantly. “I shoved your mother-in-law.” “Yes.” “And I knocked her down. I would have hit her, if I had... ...nd a good solicitor and enlisted the prayers of The Ladies’ Sodality of St. Jude — the Patron of Hopeless Causes. No one dared doubt Father Brian Fa...

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