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Autobiographic Sketches Selections, Grave and Gay

By: Thomas de Quincey

...ent of any power to make such a transfer that I may be found to possess by law or custom in America. I wish this transfer were likely to be of more va... ...I did not. The obstacle in fact had been in part the shifting state of the law which regulated literary property, and especially the property in perio... ... me a sharer in the profits of the publication, called upon to do so by no law whatever, and assuredly by no expectation of that sort upon my part. T ... ...et requiem that belonged to its departure. 9 “Everlasting Jew.”—Der ewige Jude—which is the common German expression for “The Wandering Jew,” and sub... ...as my commander-in-chief, whenever we “took the field;” sec- ondly, by the law of nations, I, being a cadet of my house, owed suit and service to him ... ...aking, to make me lie down, and to set his foot upon my neck; lastly, by a law not so rigorous, but valid amongst gentlemen,—viz., “by the comity of n...

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