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The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty

By: Juan Josafat Ben Ezra

...e of David, judging and seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness; and send forth the law from Zion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem; and ... ...nial kingdom. And therefore they will need government, both civil and ecclesiastical, a law and a religion, or rather a law in a religion; that is, ... ...nd preliminary, and not the conclusion of every well-conducted inquiry. If we had not a law, and a testimony, and a body of divine doctrine, as old ... ...bono,” what is the good of it? But seeing that we are a church constituted under divine law and government, the first and the great question is, “Wh... ...n from the dead, Luke xx. 35. Behold! the Lord cometh with ten thousands of his saints, Jude 14. His visit will not be so short, but with more leisur... ... paid him tribute as his vassals. The captives whom that prince took from Jerusalem and Judea, were conducted, not only to Babylon, but also to Medi... ...im, and to make him known to many others: saving them and pulling them out of the fire. Jude 23. The notions which till these times have been held c... ...s who daily resorted to his standard, that he had become master of the strong places of Judea, putting the whole of the Roman garrisons to the sword,... ...r announces throughout the whole second chapter of his Second Epistle; and likewise St. Jude; and, to cut short, Jesus Christ himself announces it. ...

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