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Heroes of Unknown Seas and Savage Lands

By: J. W. Buel

... -- Escape of de Pontis and capture of the robbers -- A singular appeal to the law -- The vast booty acquired at Cartagena is lost in litigation -- Am... ...han Age -- The spirit of discovery animates England -- Heroism of Cavendish -- Equipment of an expedition to the South Sea -- Cavendish is appointed t... ...ch Islanders 423- 427 CHAPTER XLI. Cook's Start for the South Sea. -- Splendid equipment of the expedition -- Among the Brazilians -- Lost on the moun... ...tacked by the Portuguese there who claimed possession of the islands. But a re-enforcement came to his aid from the residue of Loyasa's fleet, --who h... ...entrusted the command of two vessels which he had fitted out to his brother-in-law, Lopez Villalobos, and sent him upon a voyage of discovery in the P... ... prayed at the tomb of the prophet; having done all that was required by their law and prophet they felt their salvation was assured; thenceforth they... ... many were only saved by being pulled out of the water by their companions. Re-enforcements were then sent from the fleet but they fared no better. Th... ...the arms which they bore, also of the fleet and the armor, horses, and general equipment of the expedition, by which means they were enabled to convey... ...hese indiscriminately, he accepted but 6000 select troops, with which large re-enforcement he now set out, with banners streaming, trumpets sounding, ...

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