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And Gulliver Returns Book IV : A Look at Our Human Values

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...nation, contraception, and other self-centered desires run against natural law and the sanctity of the family.‖ —―Did you hear about the Ne... ... gave him some oxygen. No one stayed with him until he died. Under French law one is required to help. Under American and English common law there i... ...s kind.‘ Then a few hundred years later Christianity rekindled the Jewish law when Matthew wrote ‗So in everything, do to others, what you would have... ... to be necessary. Military expenses are usually considered essential. Law enforcement and judicial systems, some public works and some level of educa... ...for unfit parent would be eliminated. So would education expenses and law enforcement expenses and prison expenses. . ―Let me ask a rhetori... ...ed to health care, reduced American wages, unemployment compensation, law enforcement costs, money sent home and other costs are significant. One st... ...x automata. So they cannot think or even feel pain. They do have sensory equipment so they can see, hear and touch, and may even feel anger and fea...

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