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What Your Bank Doesn't Want You to Know : About Where to Invest Your Money

By: Lillian R. Villanova

...y as a broad guideline. It is meant to assist the Layperson in understanding the law as it pertains to buying Tax Lien Certificates and Tax Deeds. ... ...e bidder purchased would still pay the full statutory rate the state mandated by law. In Colorado, they have a system which results in a premium bid... ... premium bid in many cases. In this and any other states using this system, the law allows the amount of the certificate to be bid up. There is a s... ...spect to real property, attached refers to two buildings which are connected, or equipment which is solidly incorporated into a structure such as bo... ...legal doctrine, which presumes that a person is negligent for leaving a piece of equipment or other condition on property, which would be both attra... ...minated except by an instrument in writing signed by the party against which the enforcement of such waiver, modification, amendment, discharge or t... ...ing the Premises or the building of which the Premises are a part or to goods or equipment, or in the structure or equipment of the structure of whi... ...lude, but not be limited to, all fees incurred in all matters of collection and enforcement, construction and interpretation, before, during and aft...

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