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Mankind in the Making

By: H. G. Wells

...igion, for example, is very un- compromising upon the use of wine, and the law of the T en Commandments completely prohibits the making of graven imag... ... is science, than a brigand at large on a mountain has to the machinery of law and police, by which finally he will be hanged. Among such raiding theo... ...utions, expedients, prohibitions, and vindictive reprisals, the net of the law, they would have us believe there is a fatal necessity inherent in thei... ...ust be forethought and knowledge quite beyond the limit of instinct’s poor equipment. Now, for a child to have all these needs supplied implies certai... ...ation. These conditions imply a house of a certain standard of comfort and equipment, and it is manifest the mother cannot be earning her own living b... ...d help to reconcile popular ideas of the ‘liberty of the subject’ with the enforcement as well as the passing of such laws. But the notions of drastic... ... go so far as this, to go further and require a mini- mum of furniture and equipment, a fire-guard, for instance, and a separate bed or cot for the ch... .... So soon as he pierces into the realities of the life about him, he finds enforcement, ample and complete, for the secret code. The schoolmaster has ...

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