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The Path of Splitness

By: Indrek Pringi

...of programs to fill. The ones who hold the real power in Modern capitalistic Democracies do not want to publicize their existence at all to the publ... ...own class of filthy rich scum. Now, she is a part of the establishment token liberals: and censored Jesse Ventura’s article about 9-11 either becaus... ...t’s all that matters…. Huh? So now only rich Nations are allowed to have democracies that actually work? Poor Nations are not allowed to have ... ...imacy, all honesty, all courage, all wonder, all love, all humanity in these ‘democracies’. This is one reason why any ruling dynasty becomes dang... ...nce expanded so that the American Media’s censorship in peacetime censors all liberal issues and viewpoints out of the airwaves. He let the America... ...d laughing against other right wing republicans… who are disguised as supposed liberals. One reason why it is so easy to tear down any elite power st... ... made sure that the rest of the world had same freedom to establish their own democracies just like they did. Instead; they only gave that exclusiv... ... not important. The US Government is responsible for destroying more budding democracies than any former oppressive Empire ever did. Only now it i...

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