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And Gulliver Returns Book IV : A Look at Our Human Values

By: Lemuel Gulliver XVI

...rough degenerative disease, will you exercise? ―It seems that both democracies and free market economies emphasize self-centered values. Demo... ...stian evangelism are on the rise in opposition to the freedom that modern democracies champion. Modern societies often give license to pursue the mos... ... and Christian evangelism are on the rise because the freedom that modern democracies champion give license to many to pursue the most inhuman paths ... ...e deists, moral value judgments tend to move from the conservative to the liberal in nearly every question from abortion to the death penalty. Yes C... ...the USA because of the evil wrought here by feminists, gays and political liberals.‖ 56 ---―Hey Ray, is it true that God is really an En... ... is greater than nearly all developed countries. In general in the richer democracies, higher rates of belief in, and worship of, a creator correlat... ...but didn‘t pursue the appeal as fast as he might have. In the meantime, a liberal governor, who had opposed the proposition was elected. 123 Gov... ...23 Governor Grey Davis stopped the appeal. So one federal judge and one liberal governor were able to counterbalance a huge majority of the citize... ...ally hold that the state can make laws regarding gun control while a more liberal court may believe a gun owner saying that he didn‘t know the gun w...

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