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Empire and Wars

By: Sam Vaknin

... I. The Roots of Anti-Americanism II. Containing the United States III. Islam and Liberalism IV. The New Rome - America, the Reluctant Empire V. ... ...Sodom and Gomorrah, a cesspool of immorality and spiritual decay. To many European liberals, the United states is a throwback to darker ages of rel... ... typically devalue most that which we have formerly idealized and idolized. To the liberal-minded, the United States of America reified the most no... .... Blair Narcissism, Group Behavior, and Terrorism The Iraqi and the Madman Islam and Liberalism Back to the Table of Contents! Containing the United ... ...kmanship. The article clearly identifies America's (capitalistic) economy and its (liberal, pluralistic, religious and democratic) values as its co... ...ia, and East Europe can attest, these vital lessons are lost on the dozens of "new democracies" the world over. Many of these presidents and prime ... ...on, and collusion with Western interests, both commercial and political. The new "democracies" are thinly-disguised and criminalized plutocracies ... ...archies (Macedonia, Bosnia, and Iraq, to mention three recent examples). The new "democracies" suffer from many of the same ills that afflict thei... ...e myth breaks down. For instance, it is maintained by their chief proponents that democracies are more peaceful than dictatorships. But the two mo...

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