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Narcissistic and Psychopathic Leaders

By: Sam Vaknin

...and foot, to make free use of everyone's money and dispose of their assets liberally, and to be cynically exempt from the rules that he himself est... ...d collusion with Western interests, both commercial and political. The new "democracies" are thinly-disguised and criminalized plutocracies (recall ... ... (Macedonia, Bosnia, and Iraq, to mention three recent examples). The new "democracies" suffer from many of the same ills that afflict their vetera... ...Iraq, Egypt, Norway, Latin America, and Britain. At the end of the 1930's, liberal capitalism, communism, and fascism (and its mutations) were lock... ...al Idea of Progress, which is most strongly reified by Western science and liberal democracy. All four illiberal ideologies firmly espouse a linear... ...ascism, Nazism, and Religious Fundamentalism, on the one hand, and Western liberalism, on the other hand: All four totalitarian ideologies regard in... ...s", all in the name of servicing "real" humanity and bettering its lot. But liberal democracy has been intermittently guilty of the same sin. The sa...

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