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The Future of the Internet : And How to Stop It

By: Jonathan Zittrain

...ization of cultural participation offered by the Internet through the lens of liberal political theory: The networked information economy makes it poss... ...regulators acting with a light touch, as they traditionally have done within liberal societies. THE LONG ARM OF MARSHALL, TEXAS TiVo introduced the fir... ...r these shifts can move the boundaries of liberty along all three vectors of liberal political morality. They enable democratic discourse to flow among... ...70, 382–86 (D.C. Cir. 2007); T ony Mauro, Scholar’s Shift in Thinking Angers Liberals, USA T, Aug. 27, 1999, available at http://www.saf.org/T rib... ... Neil Weinstock Netanel, Cyberspace Self-Gov- ernance: A Skeptical View from Liberal Democratic Theory, 88 C. L. R. 395 (2000). Netanel argues tha... ... 395 (2000). Netanel argues that the sorts of principle-based checks in most democracies, such as an- tidiscrimination principles and equality in the ...

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