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The Prelude of 1805 in Thirteen Books

By: William Wordsworth

...ores, or rescue from decay the old By timely interference. I had hopes Still higher, that with a frame of outward life I might endue, might fix in a vi... ...flower, and when the Vales And woods were warm, was I a plunderer then In the high places, on the lonesome peaks 340 Where’er, among the mountains and ... ...build up our human Soul, Not with the mean and vulgar works of Man, But with high objects, with enduring things, With life and nature, purifying thus ... ...ith hose of silk, and hair Glittering like rimy trees when frost is keen— My lordly dressing gown, I pass it by, With other signs of manhood which sup... ...e made me pay to science and to arts And written lore, acknowledged my liege lord, A homage frankly offered up like that Which I had paid to Nature. T... ... flower—the tutors of our youth, The guides, the wardens of our faculties And stewards of our labour, watchful men And skilful in the usury of time, 38... ...st seen of those deep haunts, A green recess, an aboriginal vale, Quiet, and lorded over and possessed 450 By naked huts, wood built, and sown like te...

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