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The Days Work

By: Rudyard Kipling

...ith one big step, like a gang-plank. Then no water can hurt. When does the Lord Sahib come to open the bridge?” “In three months, when the weather is ... ...th his finger, and says: ‘This is not clean! Dam jibboonwallah!’” “But the Lord Sahib does not call me a dam jibboonwallah, Peroo.” “No, Sahib; but he... ...ing of the gong carried the order to take up everything and bear it beyond highwater mark, and the flare-lamps broke out by the hundred between the we... ...f the three doubtful spans, but boats adrift, if the flood chanced to be a high one, might endanger the girders; and there was a very fleet in the shr... ... went 15 The Day’s Work out in spouts of foam. Mother Gunga had come bank-high in haste, and a wall of chocolate-coloured water was her mes- senger. ... ...inn. “ Ask the Satpura Bhils. Old Jan Chinn was a mighty hunter before the Lord. Perhaps it was the tiger’s revenge, or perhaps he’s huntin’ ‘em still... ...m was, unofficially, you might say, the chief and honoured guest among the Stewards, who could make things very pleasant for their friends. She and Sc... ...ncing came over from the Club to play “Waits,” and that was a surprise the Stewards had arranged—before any one knew what had happened, the band stopp... ...nd lines of ships you have never heard of. There were sailing- ships, with stewards and mahogany and maple saloons, trad- ing to Australia, taking car...

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