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The Writings of Abraham Lincoln in Seven Volumes Volume 5 of 7

By: Abraham Lincoln

... of those wishing to make use of them. Cover Design: Jim Manis Copyright © 2002 The Pennsylvania State University The Pennsylvania State University is... ... we win by just two votes. This shows the whole field, on the basis of the election of 1856. Whether, since then, any Buchanan, or Fremonters, have sh... ...of Congress lead you to suppose that the slavery agitation was settled? An election was held in Kansas in the month of August, and the constitution wh... ... all these things are prepared for you by the teachings of history, if the elections shall promise that the next Dred Scott decision and all future de... ...vitations which I am compelled to decline. I was pressingly urged to go to Minnesota; and I now have two invi- tations to go to Ohio. These last are p... ...er it. It is not my intention to take part in any of the rivalries for the gubernatorial nomination; but the fear of being misunderstood upon that sub... ...iends, all good and true, who are mentioned as candidates for a Republican gubernatorial nomination; but I can not feel that my own honor is quite cle... ...uth. About supplies of troops, my general idea is that all from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, and Kansas, not now elsewhere, be left... ...h circuit courts, attended by Supreme judges, while, in fact, Wiscon- sin, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Florida, Texas, California, and Oregon have never ...

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