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The Natural State, In the Words of U.G. Krishnamurti

By: U.G. Krishnamurti, Edited by Peter Maverick

...of U.G.’s conversations, taken from many sources, offers some of the most startling and penetrating of U.G.’s words in short, easy to read paragraphs... ... right way, inspired by the Theosophists and the whole lot. And so, every morning those fellows would come and read the Upanishads, Panchadasi, Nysh... ...my real search began. All my religious background was there in me. Then I started exploring. For some years I studied psychology and also philosophy... ... all the modern sciences, everything. The whole area of human knowledge I started exploring on my own. Before my forty-ninth year I had so many po... ...ur hours at night no matter what time I go to bed then I lie in bed until morning fully awake. I don't know what is lying there in the bed. I don't ... ...call my own. Anybody can come at any time. I just see them and say, “Good morning, what can I do for you?” That's all I can do. I have nothing to giv... ...nd the problem of possibly destroying ourselves with the most destructive weapons that we have invented. So, there is no way out. You may say that I ... ... be dislodged, what they would do is anybody's guess. All the destructive weapons that we have today are here only to protect that monopoly. But I... ... But I am sure that the day has come for people to realize that all the weapons that we have built so far are redundant and that they cannot be us...

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