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Veritas Neo: The New Vision for a New Reality

By: Kee

...for all in this world, a universal church you could say. This Book is the start of something truly amazing. When people come to us, they find not o... ... Between Worlds: My own small vision, inspired by one of Neo's sermons. by Kee (Maryland, USA ) ________________________________________ Man of Truth... ...___________ I a m Trinity, and I have loved this man for two lifetimes. He started to come into some of his greater abilities shortly after the two o... ... So move over Superman 'cause he's coming to save the day He wakes up each morning with a true sense of purpose, He knows what must be done He's stron... ...s another way. Why is Neo an inspiration to me, and why do I believe? For starters he made me realise more that I CAN in-fact do anything if I tried... ...ag snapping in the wind of someone’s youthful idealism, or abolishing all weapons because, somehow, that’s going to change things. Peace is not abou... ...ome potential for freedom. Bless all forms of intelligence. Your mind is a weapon. The war is for freedom. The revolution is now. Lock and load. ____... ... System as a whole would free anyone. Think about it! If we abolished all weapons right now, me might have "peace" for a hundred years, or a hundred... ... around and tell you... that sure, there's peace. They can wake up in the morning and there isn't rubble to slice them into bleeding shards... there...

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