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Terrorists and Freedom Fighters

By: Sam Vaknin

...art thereof, may not be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission from: Lidija Rangelovska – write to: palma@unet.com.mk or to ... ...bespierre that has the preeminent rabble-rouser of the French Revolution leaping up from his chair as soon as he saw a mob assembling outside. "I ... ..."For I am their leader." http://www.salon.com/tech/books/1999/11/04/new_optimi sm/ People who exercise violence in the pursuit of what they hold to... ...1. A hard core of idealists adopt a cause (in most cases, the freedom of a group of people). They base their claims on history - real or hastily co... ...pace the idealists claim as their own. 2. The loyalties and alliances of these people shift effortlessly as ever escalating means justify an e... ...gling Macedonia and the Bulgarian race." TODOR ALEXANDROV, The Leader of the IMRO from 1911 to 1924 The Treaty of Berlin killed Peter Lazov. A ... ... have been hanged." When one of his dissidents, Adler, died in 1937 on the trip to Aberdeen, Freud wrote to Zweig: "I don't understand your sympath... ...derstand your sympathy for Adler. For a Jew-boy out of Viennese suburb, a death in Aberdeen is an unheard - of career in itself". Freud's break up...

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