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20, 000 Leagues under the Sea

By: Jules Verne

...20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne A Penn State Electronic Classics Series Publication 20,000 Leagues U... ...ctronic Classics Series Publication 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne is a publication of the Pennsylvania State Univer- sity. This Portabl... ...re nor less than with an aquatic mammal, unknown till then, which threw up from its blow-holes columns of water mixed with air and vapour. Similar fac... ...Navigation Company. But this extraordinary creature could transport itself from one place to another with surprising velocity; as, in an inter- val of... ...ary and longing for repose. I aspired to nothing more than again seeing my country, my friends, my little lodging by the Jardin des Plantes, my dear a... ...of a journey, never make an objection to pack his portmanteau for whatever country it might be, or how- ever far away, whether China or Congo. Besides... ... nothing but love and emotion; it is the `Living Infinite,’ as one of your poets has said. In fact, Professor, Nature manifests herself in it by her t... ... that the debris of shipwrecked vessels had been seen on the coasts of New Georgia. But D’Entrecasteaux, ignoring this communication—rather uncertain,... ...aint such pictures, one must have the pen of the most illustri- ous of our poets, the author of The Toilers of the Deep. I have said that Captain Nemo...

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