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The Ulysseans

By: Antonio Mercurio

...he four fundamental forces that make up the history of humanity, Religion, Philosophy, Science and Art, in a single field of energy. This attempt c... ...– The I and history, both modern and ancient. The I and science, the I and philosophy, the I and religion, the I and art. The I and the West. The I a... ...ize the opus of our lives, not through alchemy or asceticism, sainthood or philosophy, but by transferring the principles of art to life itself and b... ...ther. Here is another example. Let’s take it from politics. In a while a political campaign will begin. Imagine what the life of a politician is li... ...and not just to paintings and instruments. No longer are religion, art, philosophy and science separate fields, but religion, philosophy, science... ...to create a new one, and blend together elements that pertain to religion, philosophy, science and art. Let’s take this affirmation as a basic ... ...l to millions of miserable people who didn’t have one. He fought for their political, as well as their human, dignity. Gandhi was very political b... ...re rich and powerful. - Truth that unifies and does not create religious, political, relationship or family warfare. - Truth that unifies instead ... ...geared towards obtaining and developing the freedom of others, both on the political and the spiritual levels. His freedom was always connected to ...

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